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Job Description Library

Generic job descriptions list the typical functions of a position but should not be viewed as an indicator of the grade. Generic job descriptions are designed to be used for multiple positions in an organization, however, they do not include; reporting relationship, supervisory responsibility, budget figures, etc. which might affect the grade of the job. It is possible for jobs to have highly similar functions, but a different salary grade based on the level of responsibility assigned in the organization.

The specific job description that you create for an individual should list detailed essential duties and responsibilities for his/her position and should be maintained by your department for training, performance evaluation, planning, and in advertising, interviewing, and hiring should the position become vacant.

Two resources have been created for you to use when you create a new job description.

  • The titles in the UMDNJ Frequently Used Job Series resource are provided on a chart. These job descriptions include the typical functions and generic job qualifications that UMDNJ has established.

  • The Industry-Wide Generic Job Descriptions resource provides key jobs that are well known and understood by most employers. They are generic positions that are common throughout almost all industries.


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